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How to give the perfect back massage

What should I know about a back massage?

A back massage promotes blood flow to the skin and muscles. A back massage can help to avoid issues., such as skin problems and muscle problems. It also helps ease pain and stiffness.

What is the best way to give a back massage?

You can use among the most common and popular oils for massage oils is cocoa butter, oil, or lanolin. All these make for a perfect massage.

  • Warm lotion should be used as a small amount. It’s best to rub your hands to get the deepest level of moisture.
  • To assist the person to relax, move your hands slowly throughout the massage.
  • Massage the lower back at the same time. Completely massage both sides of the spine all the way to your shoulders with your hands.
  • Create a circular motion with your hands as you go up. As you make the circles, apply a little more pressure with your thumbs.
  • Begin at the shoulders with your hand and make your way towards the elbows. As you go lower, decrease the pressure.
  • Make sure you’re applying enough or insufficient pressure when rubbing. Ask this person if he/she feels any discomfort in any part of his body. Don’t massage an aching spot firmly or softly.
  • When necessary, apply any extra lotion to your hands.

What else should I know about a back massage?

  • Before you begin the massage, check the skin for any sores or redness.
  • When giving a massage, ensure you use good body mechanics. This will aid in the protection of your own back, shoulders, and arms’ muscles.
  • If the individual reports numbness or tingling in their arms or legs, stop massaging them.
  • If lotion causes a rash or itching, stop using it.
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